In The Mood For Christmas

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In The Mood For Christmas - As heard on Sirius XM's "Holiday Traditions". Released in 2007, Double CD with 22 songs.

McDonald makes no concessions, and aside from their familiar melodies, these venerable songs have been thoroughly renovated and revitalized in his capable hands. And speaking of capable, McDonald has assembled a top–notch 18–piece orchestra to play them. Although there are no “names” in the various sections, neither can there be any doubt that everyone in the band is a seasoned professional. McDonald’s charts aren’t entry–level by any means, but no one seems even to be breathing hard while carving them into tantalizing morsels. Solists are convincing, section work razor–sharp — but it is McDonald’s superior arrangements that earn one’s warmest applause. This is big–band Jazz at its most colorful and exciting.- Jack Bowers, All About


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